ADWEEK COVERS | Multi-Themed

Multiple Front covers for ADWEEK Magazine. Americas No.1 Advertising magazine with its finger on the pulse in the world of advertising.


1 | ADWEEK Magazine : ​The ‘​BRAND GENIUS’ Issue

This issue was to celebrate the top fifteen most succesful brand managers within the United States. The task to create this fold out cover was a well coordinated project, with seven photographers in seven different location. My task was to retouch them all to look as they were shot together. The brief was to find a styling for the picture, build up a background from a separate image and retouch each manager, then composite the spread.

2 | ADWEEK Magazine : ​The ‘​ADCOLOR AWARDS’ Issue

The front cover for the ADWEEK ADcolor Awards. This was to show Nick Cannon as a leading honors and launch the ADCOLOR All-Star honor. Both the magazine and Nick himself, were very happy with the outcome.

3 | ADWEEK Magazine : ​The Women’s Issue

Susan Wojcicki, Senior Vice President of advertising at Google; probably the most important person in advertising right now. Images were taken within a 30 minute window.